Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt List

Here are some ideas for a fun mall photo scavenger hunt list that’s great for using with people of any age.

It’s therefore great for kids, birthday parties, youth groups, adults, families, etc.

We’ve also provided a free printable scavenger hunt list to make it simple for you to organize – keep reading to get your copy.

Here’s how to plan it:


  • Photo scavenger hunt list (see below)
  • Pens
  • Cameras (cellphones are fine to use for this)


It doesn’t matter how many players or teams take part in this particular mall game – it can be played individually, in pairs or small teams.


No preparation is required.


Give each player (or team) a copy of the list of people that they need to find, as well as a pen. You’ll also need to ensure that they have a camera or phone with which they can take the photos.

Explain to them that the sheet has a list describing 20 people that might be in the mall. Their task is to try to find people that match these descriptions and take a photo of each of them.

If necessary, go over any other rules that they’ll need to follow (check out our 10 ideas here).

Set a time limit and let them know where they need to meet at the end, then send them off hunting!


There are a couple of ways that players can earn points with this mall scavenger hunt:

  • Award 10 points for each person that they take a photo of
  • Award 10 bonus points for each photo where the person has clearly agreed to have their photograph taken (by looking at the camera and smiling), rather than where the picture has been taken covertly

List Of People

Here’s the list of 20 different descriptions of people who they need to photograph.

Beneath this is a link for the printable sheet containing this same list – please feel free to print as many copies as you need when organizing this game.

Find someone…

  1. Wearing neon socks
  2. With a tattoo on their neck
  3. Carrying a skateboard
  4. Wearing black jeans
  5. Handing out free samples in the food court
  6. With a white beard
  7. Wearing a costume
  8. Holding an umbrella
  9. Carrying bags in both hands
  10. Wearing red glasses
  11. With a flower in their hair
  12. Wearing a pair of headphones
  13. With at least 4 kids
  14. Pushing a stroller
  15. Wearing a military uniform
  16. Talking on their phone
  17. Holding hands with someone else
  18. Wearing a hat that isn’t a baseball cap
  19. Reading a book
  20. With a nose ring

Printable Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt List

Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt