Ultimate Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Are you planning a scavenger hunt that can be played at the mall? If so, save yourself time and effort by using our free printable Ultimate Mall Scavenger Hunt List that contains 100 different items.

We’ve provided instructions for how to organize this game below, as well as some ideas for different ways that it can be played.

Here’s how to plan it:


  • Scavenger hunt list (see below)
  • Pens
  • Cameras (optional)


There’s no preparation required with this idea.


As mentioned above, this mall scavenger hunt can be played in a few different ways, depending on how many people will be taking part:

1. With just one child or as one group – Go around the mall trying to find the items. As you’ll be together, you can check off each item as you find it.

2. Several teams with an adult in each group – For a kids birthday party or as a youth group activity, assign a parent / youth leader to each team. They can therefore help ensure that no cheating happens!

3. Several teams without an adult in each group – If the young people playing are old enough to go around on their own (or if you don’t have enough adults for one per team), organize it as a photo scavenger hunt. The teams therefore need to take a photo of each item as proof that they found it.


Give each team a copy of the list of items that they need to find during the mall scavenger hunt, as well as a pen to check off each one as they find it. If choosing the photo scavenger hunt idea mentioned above, ensure that each team has a camera available (cellphone cameras are fine).

Explain that their task is to find as many of the 100 items as they can. Arrange a time and place where they need to meet at the end, go through any other necessary rules and then send them off to hunt around the mall.


Award 10 points for each item that a team manages to find. For the photo scavenger hunt option, you could also award bonus points if you feel like a team has used their creativity with any of the photos.


Here’s the list of 100 different items that the teams have to search for.

Beneath this is a link to the printable copy of the scavenger hunt list – please feel free to make as many copies as you need when playing this game.

  1. Fake flowers
  2. Green blanket
  3. Stuffed animal
  4. Non-stick saucepan
  5. Yellow soap
  6. Retirement greeting card
  7. Towel
  8. Soccer ball
  9. Blue candle
  10. Bottle
  11. Parrot
  12. Photo frame
  13. Napkin
  14. Leopard-print belt
  15. Cartoon character pajamas
  16. Owl
  17. Deck of playing cards
  18. Electric toothbrush
  19. Spiderman
  20. Size 14 adult shoe
  21. Hello Kitty clock radio
  22. Plastic bag
  23. Plate with a flowery design
  24. Balloons that say ‘Happy Birthday’
  25. Purple necktie
  26. Coffee mug
  27. Kite
  28. Book with the White House on the cover
  29. Rainbow socks
  30. Eraser
  31. Packet of crayons
  32. Turtle necklace
  33. Cushion with tassels on the corners
  34. Toaster
  35. Pet food
  36. Pink feather boa
  37. Laptop
  38. Toothpick
  39. Paper clip
  40. Toy car
  41. NY Yankees baseball cap
  42. Marilyn Monroe
  43. Feather earrings
  44. Compass
  45. Baby stroller
  46. Bucket
  47. Vacuum cleaner
  48. Flip-flops
  49. Black gloves
  50. Apron
  51. Bible
  52. Orange T-shirt
  53. Chap stick
  54. Pop star’s perfume brand
  55. Vase
  56. Sequin cami
  57. Camera
  58. Cookie
  59. ATM
  60. Pine cones
  61. Salt & pepper shakers
  62. Hand dryer
  63. Eagle
  64. Swimming goggles
  65. Skeleton
  66. Hairbrush
  67. Drinking straw
  68. Pack of batteries
  69. Snow globe
  70. Harry Potter
  71. Lego
  72. Ice cube tray
  73. Umbrella
  74. Deodorant
  75. Dolphin
  76. Sand
  77. Square mirror
  78. Coloring book
  79. Pink lipstick
  80. Seashell
  81. Flag
  82. Wireless speaker
  83. Clothes hanger
  84. Washcloth
  85. Fridge magnet
  86. Magazine
  87. Cookie cutter
  88. Elephant
  89. Sidewalk chalk
  90. Pool noodle
  91. Scarf
  92. Neon post-it notes
  93. Pirate eye patch
  94. Snickers bar
  95. Angel
  96. Frisbee
  97. Guitar
  98. World map
  99. Receipt
  100. Plant pot

Printable Ultimate Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Mall Scavenger Hunt List